Welcome to our website!  We are craft cocktail enthusiasts who have created the Ultimate Cocktail Smoking Kit to add unparalleled flavor and aroma to your favorite cocktails.  The Smoke & Serve is the result of years of experimentation, research and development.  We believe a good cocktail is not just about the drink itself, but the experience that comes with it.  That's why we created the Smoke & Serve.  It not only adds a rich smoky flavor to your drinks but also adds an incredible show that will impress your guests.  The Smoke & Serve is easy to use and can enhance the taste of any drink, whether it's a classic Old Fashioned, a refreshing Margarita, or fruity Sangria.  It's perfect for home bartenders, professional mixologists, or anyone that wants to take their cocktail game to the next level.  We are dedicated to innovation and customer satisfaction and are committed to providing the best products and service possible.  If you have any questions about our cocktail smoking kit or want to know more about our company, please don't hesitate to contact us.  Thank you for choosing the Smoke & Serve.  It's time to start smoking your favorite cocktails!